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Teledyne RDI Water Resources



The V-ADCP can be mounted on the bottom of canals or rivers for the measurement of flow rate, speed and level. The V-ADCP can be used with an internal memory for data collection in real time or as a portable instrument.


Technical specifications:

Range level: 5m
Speed ​​Range: +/- 5 m/s
Output: RS232
Frequency: 2.4 MHz



The Channel Master ADCP has two horizontal beams to measure horizontal profiles in rivers, open channels or ports. The instrument is available in frequencies of 300 KHz, 600 KHz and 1200 KHz and can be configured for 1 to 128 cells. The default configuration for the instrument includes temperature, tilt and pressure sensors.

Technical Specifications:

Level Range: 1-10 m
Speed ​​Range: +/- 5 m/s
Output: RS232, SDI 12
Power supply: 10-18 V



The RiverRay is a turn-key solution that includes ADCP, float, software and wireless communications which enables single instrument data flow profile acquisition and high quality output at depths of 0.4 m to 40 m.


Technical Specifications:

Profiling Range: 40m
Speed ​​Range: +/- 9.5 m/s
Output: Bluetooth, RS232, optional radio modem
Frequency: 600 KHz



The ADCP StreamPro with bottom tracking allows continuous transverse profiles. The instrument may be towed by a person crossing a bridge. The data is collected and sent in real time via wireless to a Palm PC with Teledyne RDI’s software installed. The ADCP can be configured for 1 to 20 cells.

Technical Specifications:

Range level: 2m (6m with upgrade)
Speed ​​Range: +/- 5 m/s
Output: Bluetooth
Frequency: 2 MHz

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