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Teledyne RDI

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DrakkarAtlantec Group has a technology center where we offer the following services for Teledyne RDI equipment:

  • Repair

  • Maintenance

  • Consulting

  • Commissioning of ship and platform based ADCPs

  • Testing and Calibration

  • Integration with other equipment

  • Training

Falmouth Scientific

ACM Wave PLUS.jpg

Falmouth Scientific Instruments (FSI) develops and builds high precision oceanographic equipment, including:

  • CTDs;

  • Current meters

  • Wave meters;

  • AUVs;

  • Acoustic Sensors;

  • Underwater Structural Monitors

  • Low-Frequency Acoustic Seismic Systems.

Atlantec is the authorized service center for Falmouth Scientific Instruments in Brazil with in house technicians trained at Falmouth Scientific Instruments’ Headquarters in the USA.


We provide support for the following products:

  • 3D Wave;

  • 3D ACM;

  • 2D ACM;

  • 2D ACM com CTD.


We offer the following services:


  • Maintenance (Onshore and Offshore);

  • Field installation;

  • Consultancy;

  • Data analysis;

  • Calibration (velocity, direction, tilt, CTD);

  • Integration with other equipment;

  • Pressure testing;

  • Training.

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