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Teledyne RDI Measurement

Teledyne RDI’s Marine Measurements Product Line provides the industry with precision Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) and Waves measurement products for estuary, coastal and offshore applications. Teledyne RDI also supplies the Citadel line of Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) products, and Contros Carbon Sensors.

ADCP products

Doppler Volume Sampler

Doppler Volume Sampler_edited.jpg

The DVS offers you with an exponential leap from your single point current meter to a revolutionary current profiler designed for deep water, moored applications. Discover the many unique benefits that only the DVS can offer – at a price comparable to a single point.

ocean observer

Ocean Observer.jpg

Teledyne RDI dominates the offshore oil and gas sector with field-proven instruments designed to facilitate exploration drilling, field development and production. The Ocean Observer offers the greatest profiling range available, combined with Teledyne RDI’s proven product reliability.

Available in 38, 75, and 150 kHz.

Ocean Surveyor

Ocean Surveyor.jpg

The Ocean Surveyor family of ADCPs™ adds a new chapter to Teledyne RDI’s unique contribution to the worldwide open-ocean research fleet. The Ocean Surveyor has been installed on more than 250 vessel-mounted ADCPs™ around the world. These ADCPs™ provide detailed maps of the distribution of water currents and suspended materials through the water column and along the ship’s path.

Available in 38, 75, and 150 kHz.

Sentinel V ADCP

Sentinel V ADCP.jpg

Thirty years of field data and customer input, combined with thousands of hours of engineering, development, and collaboration have taken shape in the form of the new V ADCP, our next-generation line of ADCP products.

The Sentinel V, the first in our series of V products, is loaded with new features and capabilities destined to re-define and revolutionize your current profiling activities. From wireless data download to our new powerhouse Velocity software, V combines the capabilities you’ve been waiting for with the quality workmanship and data you’ve come to depend upon.

Workhorse H-ADCP

Workhorse H-ADCP.jpg

Teledyne RDI’s 300 kHz Long Range Horizontal ADCP (H-ADCP) is an acoustic monitoring system that “looks” out horizontally up to 300 meters from a coastal / offshore structure, or vessel to measure near surface water currents.

Long Ranger Workhorse

Workhorse Long Ranger.jpg

The 75 kHz Long Ranger is Teledyne RDI’s Sentinel based instrument designed specifically for long range (up to 600m) , long duration (up to six months) autonomous deployments. Teledyne RDI’s Broadband technology ensures data reliability, providing the peace of mind you need in long-term, deepwater data collection programs.

Mariner Workhorse

Workhorse Mariner.jpg

Researchers and commercial surveyors working in coastal waters saw what our best-selling Sentinel instrument could do, and asked for

a version designed specifically for underway current profiling from inshore hydrographic survey vessels. The result – the Mariner ADCP.

Available in 300, 600 and 1200 kHz frequency.

Workhorse Monitor

Workhorse Monitor.jpg

Teledyne RDI’s most popular direct read ADCP. The unit is typically bottom frame mounted and hard wired to shore to provide real time monitoring of coastal currents.

Available in 300, 600 and 1200 kHz frequency.

Workhorse NEMO

Workhorse NEMO.jpg

Now there’s no reason to wait for your critical RD Instruments Waves data. Teledyne RDI’s new NEMO Waves Processing Module actually processes your ADCP/ Waves data at the source, removing the typical constraints for transmitting this data to the surface. NEMO provides you with real-time data for real-time decision making.

Workhorse Quartermaster

Workhorse Quartermaster.jpg

Teledyne RDI’s new 150 kHz QuarterMaster ADCP has been designed to fill a gap between our 300 kHz Workhorse ADCPs and our 75 kHz Workhorse Long Ranger.

This unit offers an extended current profiling range over our higher frequency units, in our proven Long Ranger configuration, and is ideally suited for applications requiring up to 300 meters range. The highly versatile QuarterMaster can also be upgraded to include our bottom tracking option.

Sentinel Workhorse

Workhorse Sentinel.jpg

The Sentinel is our most versatile instrument. Thousands of Workhorse Sentinel ADCPs™ are profiling currents around the globe. Our customers choose it for its unbeatable precision in shallow waters, its 175-meter profiling range, and unmatched low power consumption for extended deployments.

Available in 300, 600 and 1200 kHz frequency.

Workhorse Waves Array

Workhorse Waves Array.jpg

Better than a directional wave buoy, more powerful than a single instrument. An easy upgrade to your Workhorse ADCP provides you with the performance and results of an high end waves array.

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