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Dwtek subsea

DWTEK Subsea develops submarine technologies that are used in offshore wind energy, underwater archeology, oil & gas, and other aquatic applications.


DWTEK produces underwater components such as thrusters, cameras, lighting, servo motors, sensors, etc.

ROV Observation Class Investigator 30

ROV 30.png

The fundamental design concept behind the I-30 ROV is the creation of an expandable vehicle that is both functional and versatile. The extraordinary expansible capability allows the operator to follow their expectation to customize a full function ROV for the specific application. The highly excellent flexible vehicle design allows the installation of a wide range of different payloads and equipment. It opens a new page for this class of remote observation vehicles.

  • Portable System

  • Easy To Launch And Recover

  • Versatile Platform

  • Cost-Effective

  • Reliability

ROV Observation Class Investigator 90

ROV 90.png

A new creation of observation class ROV, the Investigator 90 has an expandable vehicle design, allows operators to fulfill their expectations to customize a full-function ROV with the specific application. Moreover, I90 ROV uses advanced DWTEK self-developed thrusters with the advanced circuit design of the miniature motor drivers to endure high voltage and operating power.

  • Fully customized design for different range of underwater applications

  • All-electric ROV system with the expansible capability frame design 

  • Advanced thruster and circuit design

ROV Working Class Monew

ROV Monew.png

A new generation of Working Class ROV, the Monew, equipped with 8 horizontal thrusters has been tested under the strong Taiwan Strait current with proven performance to high resistance to ocean currents. It is designed with an independent motor unit with an all-electric system, which is easy to disassemble, maintain, and clean to operate in oil & gas light maintenance.

  • Design for underwater multipurpose

  • All-electric ROV system: easy to maintain

  • Internal isolation between power supply and signal power supply

  • Open frame structure: high degree of customization

  • High compatibility with a wide assortment of tooling

  • Cost-effective

ROV Special Use Crawler

ROV Crawler.png

Crawler, a versatile and powerful ROV, created to work both on land and in water to fly and drive on the seabed, can be used in many scenarios with different tooling for inspection, repair operations, and so on.

  • Vertically or obliquely crawl on onshore, nearshore, offshore, and seabed 

  • Crawl or jump over obstacles like rocks, fishnets, marine litter, etc.

  • TSS can be equipped to track subsea cables and pipelines (optional)

  • Integrated 16ft or 20ft container package service (optional)

  • Electrical ROV: easy to maintain


DWTEK produces underwater components such as thrusters, cameras, lighting, servo motors, sensors, etc.

Direct Drive Underwater Thruster








DWTEK provides four direct-drive underwater thrusters. The key feature of the direct-drive series is designed to directly transmit torque from the motor without any reduction. Main benefits also include high torque, fast response, and low inertia. 


  • Low power and high torque 

  • Fast response

  • Power efficiency 

  • Over-temperature protection, over-current protection, signal zero-crossing protection

  • Internal isolation between the power supply and signal power supply system

  • Good value for the price 

  • Customized service is available


Underwater Thruster







DWTEK provides three magnetically coupling underwater thrusters. Their main feature is the absence of mechanical commutators, which naturally reduces shaft friction and inertia, and creates less noise. Also, there are no connecting shafts, which makes them easy to install and results in extremely low maintenance with high reliability.


  • Static seals: easy to  maintain and zero failure out

  • Easy installation to plug in-and-out

  • Over-temperature protection, over-current protection, signal zero-crossing protection

  • Gear reducer mechanism

  • Internal isolation between the power supply and signal power supply system

  • Customized service is available

Sensor PCG-1000


PCG-1000 is exclusively designed for subsea inertial positioning and navigation system. The device integrates Pressure, Compass, and Gyroscope into single unit. The pressure sensor has an accuracy of 0.05%FS. It outputs Depth (meter/feet), Heading, Pitch, Roll and Turn via protocol RS232. The protocol also allows users to define sampling rates of 1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 25Hz, or single shot.

Furthermore, two output formats (Binary or ASCII). Al6061 -T6 with engineering anodized treatment housing increases capability in corrosion resistance.

  • Integrated pressure, compass, and gyroscope

  • 5 user-selectable measurement rate

  • Data directly readout in serial console

  • Instant plug-in & high resolution and reliability

  • Depth rating: 1,000m /3,000m

Servo TM2408


TM-2408 is a digital servo rotator and achieves up to 0.1° positioning accuracy in subsea applications. The robust electromechanical design achieves the extraordinary torque output of 7Nm. Its user-friendly evaluation software allows users to adjust and test speed and angle immediately. The unique modular design provides handy maintenance and replacement. The compact size and front view mounting offers an advantage in displaying system layout easily and simplifying installation. DWTEK also has several subsea coupling kits available for your application. Al6061 -T6 with engineering anodized treatment housing increases capability in corrosion resistance.

  • Programmable limitation of rotation angle

  • 7Nm high torque output

  • Digital control via RS-232 / 485

  • Low backlash gear design

  • Easy installation & short start-up time

  • Depth rating: 1,000m / 3,000m (optional)

Mini LED 23W

  • Fully Dimmable

  • Thermal monitoring allows operation in air.

  • LED Lifespan: 50,000h

  • Depth Rating: 2,000m

  • High Performance > 45 lm/W

  • LED Brightness Control with 0~5V / PWM Dimming

  • Internal Thermal Protection (OTP)

  • LED Lifespan: 50,000h

  • Depth Rating: 6,000m

SD Camera

  • Miniature Housing & Low Power Consumption

  • High Resolution CCD Sensor up to 700 TVL

  • Low Light Sensitivity 0.01 Lux

  • Aluminum Housing with Acrylic Window

  • Depth Rating: 2,000m

HD Camera

HD Camera.png
  • High Definition 30x Optical Zoom

  • Full HD 2.38 Megapixels
    WDR Sensor

  • HD Video Format 1080P/1080i/720P

  • Support HD-SDI (SMPTE296M / 274M)

  • Depth Rating: 2,000m

subaquatic connectors and cables

DWTEK underwater connectors and cables are used in subsea instrumentation applications,

sensors, control systems, ROVs and AUVs.

subaquatic connectors


DWTEK underwater connectors are used in subsea instrumentation, sensors, control systems, ROVs and AUVs applications.


  • Wet Mate_Micro Circular

  • Wet Mate_Standard Circular

  • Wet Mate_Low Profile

  • Wet Mate_Low Profile Micro

  • Wet Mate_High Power

  • Wet Mate_Power Battery

  • Wet Mate_Ethernet

  • Wet Mate_Diving

  • Wet Mate_Rubber Molded

  • Wet Mate_Penetrator Right Angle

  • Wet Mate_Penetrator Straight

  • Wet Mate_Metal Shell

  • Dry Mate_Metal Shell

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