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Drakkar Atlantec Offshore Engineering is accredited by ISO 17025

After a rigorous adaptation process to meet ISO 17025 accreditation requirements started in 2016, Drakkar Atlantec Engineering Offshore Ltda. has completed all requirements and is accredited to perform calibrations of thermometers, manometers, inclinometers and frequency meters according to ISO 17025.

For more details on calibration uncertainties and, access:

O Laboratório Drakkar Atlantec (LDA) oferece serviços de calibrações específicas para atender as características inerentes aos equipamentos oceanográficos.

São oferecidos os seguintes serviços de calibração: • Bússola (calibração rastreável); • Clinômetro (calibração RBC); • Termômetros (calibração RBC); • Manômetro (calibração RBC); • Frequencímetro (calibração RBC).

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