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Grupo Drakkar Atlantec's new office and laboratory!

In August the Drakkar Atlantec Group moved its headquarters to the Eco Loft business center, located in the Carianos neighborhood, near the Florianópolis International Airport.

Eco Loft is a sustainable enterprise, built in masonry and CLT wood. A material that has been gaining prominence around the world for having a negative carbon emission balance, that is, in its production it sequesters carbon instead of emitting it, unlike what happens with concrete, for example.

The project also has Passivhaus characteristics, favoring natural air conditioning and ensuring a reduced consumption of air conditioning.

New Address: Edifício Eco Loft

Rua Recanto dos Girassóis 483, Carianos – Florianópolis/SC CEP: 88047-618.

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